Journey Project Ideas

thinking-happy-faceWhat ideas do I have for a project in our writing race class. I have been pondering over this since I left our class on Tuesday. I believe I am going towards either a hypertext  or some sort of video. Something visual  and maybe a pamphlet to go with one of the links.I thought about interviewing educators. I think I will have a better handle on the type of project I would like to proceed with as the class moves further along with ideas.

Since I left our class last Tuesday, I have taken the liberty to address other educators with whom I work with concerning the role race plays in how we learn to write. Some of the responses were interesting;
 *However the question is how do we fix it?
* Can it be fixed ?
* What grade or age should this be done?
* Do our cultures influence communication and writing?
*Does our environment and what we are exposed to also influence communication and writing?

I am still at a stand still with what we can do as a collaborative project concerning our class. There are so many great ideas. As we engage more in class with discussions maybe the light bulb will become a little brighter.

This journey is exciting and I am ready for the ride!

Writing Race and Ethnicity

Starting to blog for Writing Race and Ethnicity. Only thing to report is that I am excited about working on the syllabus so that I can work on something relevant for those of us who work and live in diverse settings. The other interesting thing is that I asked my son Aleksei how race and ethnicity play a role in his writing. And he said "it doesn't--unless I'm writing like Dostoyevsky." It was funny because I thought he was going to say something about his identity as a half-Asian kid, but he went in another direction...