What My Research Will Consist Of

Being a first generation Colombian-American and living for a large period in my life in the city of Elizabeth—which has a large Colombian population—I questioned what it means to be Colombian. Even more generally I am interested in understanding what it means to be Latin American. 
So I am interested in Latin American identity (both from the perspective of Latinos who are from Latin America and from Latinos in the United States). I plan on studying a scope of primary sources of a whole range of Latin American thinkers from the nineteenth century (since that is when most Latin American nations began to form) till present. My research is an individual project being due to the fact that in a large sense it is a personal one; of course, I plan on sharing my findings with you all (my peers).

By studying the complexity of the various peoples that make up Latin Americans, for example, criollos (white people of Spanish decent), indigenas (Native Americans), and mestizos (mixed races between Spanish and indigenous peoples) , I can understand that Latin American identity is not monolithic. Latin American identity is a complicated and involves and analysis of all types of peoples. While my work is “academic,” in a sense, it is also autobiographical as I am trying to get a deeper awareness and understanding my own identity. 

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A project I would be interested in doing for this class is something that could help me learn more about my own ethnicity. I was thinking of interviewing family members to get information and write up what I find out. It would be cool if I could find old photos or videos of my family and make some sort of collage of my family history.

Blog 1: Project

I would like to do a project that is sort of a reflection of our voices. I am thinking of a website with short stories, poems, short films and such that will represent in some way, how race has effected us individually, The website would serve as a collection of those writings.  In writing the reflection, there also has to be some solution that we came up with through the reflection process. I would like to see how each of us has dealt with race relations on social and cultural level. I think this would also be a great way to discuss the negative stereotypes, attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs and how we can come together and combat all these issues.

Blog #1

The first part I’d like to address in this blog is the type of project I plan to do for the end of this course. I’m guessing that what I would like to make and my final project would go hand in hand. I am absolutely torn. There are two departments I’m headed towards: the creative piece, and the comedic piece. I love creative writing and I think it is one of my stronger features. If I were to travel down this path, I would most likely do a screenplay (or maybe a pilot episode). However, the comedic side I find so interesting as well. I think what I like most about it is the “why.” Why do we find certain movies or jokes funny? Perhaps I can combine the two…

Although I am still not entirely sure what we will be learning in this class, I am going to take a crack at the “What I’d Like to Learn” part. I suppose I would like to delve into the comedy pool of research. I enjoy how movies, comedians, etc. portray the different stereotypes. More importantly, I am interested to see if the people in this industry do research based on these stereotypes, or research towards how people perceive them, or both, or many neither and I’m way off. If I ever decide to go into film and make something if this nature, I want to educate myself as much as possible on this topic. No one wants to be that ignorant director/writer/producer/insert-title-here. No, no one wants to be THAT guy.

In regards to the most powerful way to connect my individual agenda, it would probably be through my project mentioned above. Whether I get the chance to film it in this class or in the future and submit in to an independent film festival, I think it would be a great way to show people what I will learn in this class.

That’s all for now.

Writing to Learn

A very apt title. I am writing to learn or should it rather be learning to write? Anyway, this is very new to me. I just took a leap into 21st Century technology as it were.
I really don't know what to expect from the class right now. Still trying to recover from the shock of finding myself in a writing class where I have to blog and tweet! I am hear to learn, experience and absorb.  I'd like to hear other people's perspectives of race, identity etc. and take that with me into the field as an educator of English Language Learners.

Writing Race & Ethnicity 2015-02-10 03:52:00

February 9, 2015

In this course, I would most like to explore a sense of who I am in terms of my race and ethnicity.  
 Coming from a different country already makes me feel different but coming here at such an early 
 age I am so "Americanized".  I would also like to learn about dealing with different ethnic backgrounds in the classroom.  I am a bilingual major and I know that I will deal with many different cultures all at once. I want to learn how to treat everyone equally and make sure that my students feel respected and know that their ethnicity is important.  As far as a group project, I think that I would like to work with ethnicity as a relation to who I am or how people identify themselves.