Group Presentations

What will your part be in your group presentation?  What will you make as a contribution to your group’s final project?

Since I was absent last class, I feel a little out of the loop as to the specifics regarding the class agreements and discussions. Having said that, I do know that I am in the group I requested and am eager to see what we can produce. I am not too sure what my group talked about on Tuesday; therefore, I do not know exactly how to go about answering the questions for this blog.

Within my group, I hope to do a lot of research to find out more about why race in the classroom is an important aspect for teachers to know. I always like conducting studies and completing surveys to find out what other people think, so that could be a possible option.

Having taken a course on race in the classroom, I believe that I still have some of the resources, assignments, and notes to refer to. We could definitely use some of that material if need be. Additionally, I could contact the professor who taught the class to share some of her thoughts. 

Due to the fact that I am a substitute teacher, I witness variety everyday. Just today, I worked with a teacher who received a new Honduran student with limited English vocabulary. I could feel the tension and see the frustration as the two tried to communicate with one another. I tried to use my Spanish experience to assist, but I was very limited......With that being said, I think that sharing personal stories about how race in the classroom has affected individuals could be very advantageous. Research can only go so far. I believe having a deep connection and allowing people to sympathize with a topic can be much more powerful. As a result, I would like for the group to be able to incorporate individual experiences they have had with this subject in order to strengthen its meaning.

Blog #3

So I’m very excited in the group I was placed in alongside Neil (Race and Ethnicity in the International Context) because in all sorts of fields within academia we see a rise in global studies being that we live in a more globalized world. And what better way to study race, ethnicity, and identity than in a cross-cultural context.

My research interests for this class falls within Latin American identity, answering the question “what does it mean to be Latin American or Hispanic?” I want to look at how different Latin American philosophers have dealt with the issue. But even more so, I want to synthesize these arguments and make my own conclusion of what I think it means to be Latin American as I think it is very complex and complicated topic.

There isn’t one face that represents Latin America. On top of that, it becomes more complicated when you have Latinos like me who were born and raised in the United States. Am I (as a Colombian-American) any different culturally speaking from somebody who is actually from Colombia. Does culture even matter? Or are there larger things at work that connect a people, for example, history? Therefore, a comparison would be hugely beneficial in understanding the Latin American multicultural experience.

This leads to the next question: how will this project take form? Well I plan on taking the information from the primary sources (my own “anchor texts”) along with my analysis and presenting it in form of a digital video. The video will consist of pictures with a monologue over them.

So this is my contribution to the final “digital omnibus.” But being that this is also a group project, I and my partner in crime Neil, also want to take this project and engage it with you all, along with any prospective guests. I won’t write for Neil, but as a teaser I will let you guys know that he’s interested in looking into the Chinese multicultural experience. Our plan as a team is to compare our research and raise a discussion out of it.

I know this will be a fulfilling project and I can’t wait to share it with you all. As Dr. Zamora, Neil and I were discussing last class, this course is one of the few ones that give students the liberty to get deeply personal. And I for one am all for taking advantage of a course that I play a part in designing while at the same time will allow me to gain some introspection.