Writing Race & Ethnicity 2015-02-23 23:39:00


I am in the Race, Ethnicity and Identity group and I am happy with my placement.  I feel like I fit into more than the other groups.  I was interested in finding out how people view themselves in terms of their identity. Our group will be starting out with depicting an episode of "Finding Your Roots". We will create a conversation around the show. As for my role in the group, I am not sure yet.  Our group is working collaboratively where we are all working on one product rather than each of us creating some separate project. We are each working together to contribute ideas and any thoughts we may feel are important or relevant to our final project.

My group will also interview people and ask them specific questions pertaining to our project.  We don't have the questions down pact as of yet but there will be a series of questions.  I was thinking that recording these interviews and displaying them to the class would be good for a visual aspect.  I think that a paper and pen interview would be kind of boring.  I think that we will have all of this figured out by next class.

Blog #3

What will your part be in your group presentation?
In response to this question, I am in the Race and Identity group. We're not exactly sure yet exactly who's doing what and that is what we will be figuring out next week, but we're pretty much going to do everything as an entire group working together, instead of individual projects. We all agreed that we can do something much more effective and extensive if we do this together. Our planning for this project this week is gathering up all of our ideas on how we want to do our presentation and who's going to do what. When we meet tomorrow, we will all determine that. There were some people in the group who had specific "Microagression" situations happen to them, and we have to decide how we want to incorporate that into our presentation. It may be a discussion, or that can possibly be used within the skits that we plan on doing. For this presentation, I think we will all pretty much have the same part because we're focusing on the "How do you precede your self" and than go into "How do you precede others". Most likely to start as an introducton, were going to introduce the, "Finding your roots" and decide what formative questions we can use to deliberate a discussion within the classroom. We're all not still 100% clear on who's exactly doing what, but going from what we discussed last week, it seems as if everyone is going to have an even shared role in this group and we will all be participating in each aspect; even the skit. This week we will figure out exactly how our presentation to go, what finding roots episode we will look at, the questions forming from that, the skit, and any other essential information that we may come upon.