Welcome to the official class site for Dr. Mia Zamora’s Spring 2015 Writing Race & Ethnicity course at Kean University.  This is a cross-listed undergraduate (ENG 4030) & graduate (ENG 5155) course in the School of English Studies.


Contrary to many historical and contemporary beliefs, race is not a static, empirically-validated biological construction. Rather, the development of racial (and ethnic) categories—our own and others—is a complex and dynamic socio-rhetorical phenomena.

In other words, race – literally and figuratively – is written.

And so, instead of being a generally accepted material fact, Race – like many texts – has been and continues to be a contested site of meaning, one intrinsically bound to issues of power and dominance.

This is a story. Identity –

a story, told(/written). Race –

a story within a story, passed from lips

and hands, pressed

onto faces,

embodied and lived.


And there are Rules

to stories. Rules,

almost seemingly,

arbitrarily written, re-written, re-writable, endlessly.


And that’s Rhetoric –

the structure and the function,

the function of the structure,

of story.

This is a course about story, the story of the Rhetoric(s) of Race and Ethnicity, and its structure and function in the places we live – home, school, work, the world. This is a course about writing, about the writing and the re-writing of race, of my/your identity.

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ENG 5155 & ENG 4030