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Blog Post 3

For our group presentation each of our group members have divided our topic of Race in pop culture into subtopics. Race in books,movies, comedy and music. Each topic is based off of our individual projects. My topic is race in music. I am still thinking of what I will put into our presentation but I want to focus on the lyrics and presentation of child 
songs from Disney, to adult songs that we hear on the radio daily.

Blog 2

I thought long about what I want this project to be. At first I was thinking of exploring my identity by interviewing family members but I wanted to do something a bit creative. I love to sing so I had the idea of writing a song and creating a video. I will make either a music video or a slideshow picture video with my audio file in the background. I am a double major in communication and have skills with audio and video editing. the song will be normal song length of between 2-4 minutes and the background images or video will match the length of how long the audio ends up being.

Blog 1

A project I would be interested in doing for this class is something that could help me learn more about my own ethnicity. I was thinking of interviewing family members to get information and write up what I find out. It would be cool if I could find old photos or videos of my family and make some sort of collage of my family history.