Building a #WritingRace mini-MOOC!

imagesSo, it is official.

After a bit more discussion & reflection last week, we have decided to take our project “public” by turning our #WritingRace course into an invitation.  We will open up our conversation about why race matters to anyone who would like to join us.   We are turning our course into a mini-MOOC:  all of you are designing the “units”, the course materials, and the ways in which we can connect with others.  This decision grows out of our collective aspiration to make our work matter in the world.

I am quite confident that we will have a meaningful exchange of ideas concerning race & ethnicity with what remains of our course.  That’s a given.  But by inviting others into our conversation, we all aspire to extend this conversation beyond our own classroom walls.  We are now seeking a more networked learning experience.  Imagine the possibilities:  -making new connections, -meeting new colleagues and friends, -discovering new tools and resources, -building new coalition, -discovering new forms of collaboration.         I, for one, am excited.img_collaboration

We determined during our last class that we would take our mini-MOOC course website LIVE on March 31.  We have a couple of weeks left for you to finalize the course content.

With this in mind, here is your homework for next class:

-Write a rough draft of your unit as it would appear on the course website.  Think of this document as a group blog post with multi-modal content for your co-learners or course participants to read/watch/consider.  Please create this rough draft in a shared google doc.  Each of your group mates should have editorial access to the document, and you should be adding content and editing together over the course of the next week (before 3/24).  If you need help opening up a shared google doc for your group, just email me.  (Here is a link to a “unit” from a MOOC called Connected Courses that I facilitated last Fall.  This might serve as a reference point or a template, although I think this is considerably longer or more dense than yours should be.)

-Here is a template of what should go into your group rough draft doc:

1.  Introduction to your unit (an explanation of your theme and why it matters).  What are the key questions you hope to address in this discussion?

2.  Presentation of “course materials” – this can include text, links to readings, videos, interviews, photos, etc.  Think of this document as a “mini-syllabus” for your presentation.  It should be easy to read and engage with, and it should NOT be too long and encumbered.  It can include creative work that you have made, it can include readings that you have discovered that you think are crucial to the topic.  Please be sure to cite everything you are using so readers know where the material came from.

A list of your public events (a schedule) – Will you have a twitter chat?  (what date & time?  will it be at the #WritingRace hashtag on twitter?)  Will you have a google+ chat with specific guests? (what date & time?), etc.  I think there is room here for other creative possibilities.

-Please send me your rough draft google docs by 3/23 so I can make suggestions and offer feedback.  There is no blog assignment for this week.  You work this week is to pin down a solid draft of your group’s course unit.

I am still working on the course “shell” that will house all of your content and materials.  Your drafts will eventually go live in this “shell” site.  I will share with you this “shell” next week and we will consider the course design together during class next Tuesday (3/24).

This is going to be fun everyone!


See you next Tuesday,

Dr. Zamora






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