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Last week’s class was yet another inspired discussion.  Those who chose to share their experiences and their understanding provided us all further evidence that race matters.  The class notes document served as a kind of outline for the topics covered including: microaggressions, the invisibility of whiteness, race in the current cultural moment (i.e. #oscarssowhite, #racialicious), race & representation in the classroom, code-switching, etc.  The conversations continued with passion and fervor after break, although unfortunately we had little time for you to work together on your small group topics.  After taking an informal poll, the consensus was that you would all like to have the full class period next Tuesday to work in small groups.  I think that there is considerable momentum building (in terms of your collaboration for presentation).  I agree that next Tuesday should be devoted to your small group work.

backchannelPlease note that the “back channel” (#WritingRace) for our class is becoming more robust.  There is so much food for thought there.  Thanks to everyone for sharing material that strikes you as important to our overall endeavor.  And thanks to those who are responding to that material in earnest.  I, for one, am learning from these conversations.  Remember to check out each other’s blogs on the “Student Blogs” tab of this site.  You are sharing some remarkable insights and reflections there.

A couple of questions I would like to address on Tuesday night:

-Do we want to plan a field trip?

-Should we start the “frame” for our digital omnibus earlier (now)?  We could then drop content down into it as we continue on our journey together.

-Should we start to aggregate our digital resources and materials?  There is already so much we have discovered and shared with each other.

 Blog #4:  The following is your blog prompt for next class.  Hopefully the reflections that unfold from this prompt will inform your small group conversations and planning on Tuesday:

Why do we need to have these conversations about race?  What can we do to shift the tides towards justice and change?  How can we connect to make our projects matter in the world outside our classroom?


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