Launch of the #WritingRace mini-MOOC

I am pleased to announce the official launch of our #WritingRace mini-MOOC.  Congratulations to all of you for pulling together an impressive collaboration!

Each of you has been tirelessly reading and researching new materials, engaging in challenging conversations, gaining new digital literacies, and growing more confident each day in this arena of networked learning.  The learning involved in our experiment is certainly multifold.  We are now live!keep-calm-we-re-going-live

As we move forward, please remember our plan to grow our network by reaching out to our individual friends and colleagues.  Also, remember to tweet about our project regularly, tweet any new resources you find regarding our broader conversation, and start posting on our google+ community chat board.  You will notice that there is a twitter and a google + share button at the top of each mini-MOOC page, so you can periodically tweet out our content quite easily.  (A shout out to Nikki Dreste for her site support!)

Our first public networked event for our #WritingRace MOOC will be your live twitter feed for Dr. Sonia Nieto‘s lecture next Tuesday in the STEM auditorium.  Dr. Nieto’s most recent publication is entitled, Finding Joy in Teaching Students of Diverse Backgrounds: Culturally Responsive and Socially Just Practices in U.S. Classrooms (2013).  The topic for the lecture will be, “Why We Teach Now: Teachers’ Stories of Hope and Resilience.”

On our to do list:

1.  Read the diverse content you have all shared on our #WritingRace mini-MOOC site.

2.  Get the word out! This is when the rubber hits the road…  -Send regular tweets of the link to our homepage on the course site.  -Send your email invites.  -Post new content on twitter and google+.

Build our conversation.  Build our network for this project.

3.  Now that the site is up and is ready to be shared publicly, we are entering into “phase two” of the course.  With each of your upcoming class presentations, we will take a deeper dive in discussing race.  We will explore together each of the topics you have identified as significant to you.  We will open up our minds (and hearts) while we continue to learn from each other.  I have definitely been looking forward to phase two.

Once again, congratulations everyone.  You should be proud of your work.  I most certainly am.

Dr. Zamora


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