Progress! We have a calendar and a course plan.

imagesWhat a productive evening we had! ….said admittedly, with some relief ūüėČ ¬†As a summary – we have settled on five working groups. ¬†Each¬†will be collaborating¬†together on a particular course theme. ¬†The five course themes (and the corresponding groups) are as follows:

Race, Ethnicity, & Identity (Tobey, Jayme, Tameika, Maria, Kathy, Kim)

Race, Ethnicity & Popular Culture (Stina, Justin, Nikki, Sharyn)

Race & Ethnicity in the Classroom (Larissa, Abiola, Kate, Antoinette, Ann, Mariella)

Race & Ethnicity in an International Context (Jon, Neil)

The Politics of Language¬†–¬†Discourses of Race & Ethnicity ¬†(Tempie, Andre, Vince, Eloy)

Each group will design¬†a learning experience (which brings to life¬†their course theme) for one night of our class. ¬†Each group will also make certain projects¬†together which will result in specific contributions for¬†the class “digital omnibus”. ¬†Please note that I posted the course calendar as it stands for now. ¬†There will be further articulation of these plans (i.e. the details of presentations and projects) during our workshop time over the course of the next two weeks. ¬†I will also select a few readings for us to discuss together soon – these will provide a “common vocabulary” or theoretical foundation for the rest of our class activities and discussions. ¬†We have agreed¬†that your group presentations will start directly after our Spring Break.

Some things for you to consider for next week:

1. ¬†I will be sending you all an email shortly with suggested “anchor texts” – readings to ground¬†each group’s thematic concerns with some theory/criticism. ¬† Each¬†group can¬†consider incorporating some of this material into the design of the¬†collaborative presentation and projects. ¬†In the end, it is up to each group to decide what texts will¬†inform the¬†overall understanding your collaborative work.

2. ¬†I would like to see more “connected learning” principles at work in your presentation ideas/concepts. ¬†In other words, remember that are our classroom is not bound by four walls. ¬†-We can Skype other students, scholars, activists, -we can create open call twitter conversations, -we can involve the broader community in our efforts/concerns. ¬†In what ways can you connect your evolving plans for presentations & projects to a broader community conversation that matters? ¬†Please consider this question and be prepared to work on this in your groups as you continue to plan your work together.


3.  Please read the contract grading document carefully and email me your grade for the course by 2/28/15.  You will all already know your final grade by 2/28 (barring any breach of contract).  I trust you all to meet the terms of the contract as outlined.

4. Blog #3: Please write a detailed response to the following questions: –What will your part be in your group¬†presentation? ¬†What will you make as a contribution to your group’s final¬†project? (‚Ķ.Yes, you have been writing about this already, but many of your responses thus far have still been somewhat conceptual/abstract.) ¬†I am pushing you further now in Blog #3 to detail what you will bring to the proverbial table. ¬†If you are stumped and you really don’t know yet,‚Ķ.well then, that is your crucial “homework” for next week. You should¬†figure out the specific part you will play in your group’s plan/project and write it down via your blog. ¬†(If you have already articulated a specific plan in blog #2, then try here to add further details regarding your own research process as well as the tools you plan to use in order to execute your project.) ¬†This blog post will be an important reference point for everyone as you workshop together and hash out further details next week.



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