The Countdown: 1 week until #WritingRace mini-MOOC


We are in the final stages of preparation now.   We will take this conversation public with a new #WritingRace course site which highlights 5 special topics to consider and 5 public/online events.

You are all now putting your finishing touches on your group “Homepage”.  Each unit homepage is meant to jump-start a conversation about a particular topic: “Race & Identity”; “Race & Popular Culture”; “Race in the Classroom”;  “Race in the International Context”;  and “The Politics of Language & Race”.

Some tips while working on the final draft of your unit homepage:

1. Compress and edit a concise  statement of what you would like to discuss as a unit.  Clear and simple is good.  What questions are you setting out to explore together?

2. Think from a design standpoint.  Too much dense text is off-putting.  Design a unit home page that is engaging to a visitor.  The content you choose to share can be provided via embedded links.  Share just enough material for the curious participant to get thinking about your topic.

3.  Make your unit home page both visually appealing and easy to read/navigate.

4.  Remember there is a big difference between your class presentation and this unit homepage. The unit homepage is more streamlined and is easily “digested” by someone who surfs their way to our site.


Your “to do” list for class next week:

1.  The FINAL DRAFT of the unit homepage must be completed before class on 3/31.  It should be inserted into the #WritingRace website that colleague Nikki Dreste has sent to each of you.  Each of you has been given administrative access to the site.  I recommend you set up a working editorial schedule for your small group for this week’s completion of your unit homepage.  ****Suggestion: perhaps you can each contribute/edit to your working document up through Saturday, and then on Sunday you can work on final editing together at an appointed time for everyone in the group.  I am thinking of an “online meeting” as you edit together in real time.  Please note:  This work CANNOT be left to the last minute.

2.  Think about our PR plans for this project.  This is an OPEN experiment.  Open means welcoming, being warm and sharing, anyone can join at any point.  It is ok to stop by and check out our site briefly, or to join our community actively through our social media events.  Anyway someone wants to explore this issue with us is perfect.  That is the heart of true openess.

Who would you like to invite to check out our site?  Personal invitations really matter.  Make a list of some people you will share this work with.  Who will you encourage to participate in our public events?  How can we get “groups” to join our community?  Other classes? All of your ideas are welcome.  Let’s cast a wide and diverse net.  We will outline a comprehensive PR plan in class next Tuesday.  Everyone should come to class with a “short list” of potential “invitees”.  Get ready to get your “twitter on” soon.  It is time to grow our network guys ;).  This work will matter more if we connect with others who want to think through these issues further.

I am confident that we will all be proud of what ensues from our efforts henceforth.

See you next Tuesday night,

Dr. Zamora






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